Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Position Update

We are having a great sail from the Gaspe region of QC to Nova Scotia. Right now we are 75 NM into the leg with 139 NM to go. The wind is expected to lighten so we should get in some time Thursday afternoon. We can see the western end of PEI.

Winds are 15-20 Knots off the starboard beam and we are flying along at 7-9 knots. It started off a little hairy this morning. We had a 5am departure and there was significant chop for the first 20 miles and we had winds gusting to 35 knots apparent.

Now it is just a great sail on a sunny day.
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1 comment:

  1. Keep posting updates. It's fun to follow you. And I love your spot locator. It's almost like being there! Well not quite I suppose. Say hi to Raftan for me.
    Denis from s/v La Jeannoise