Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Foggy Passage

This evening just before dinner we pulled into a serene marina in Cap a L’Aigle. The trip from Quebec City was foggy the entire way, so we didn’t get to see much beyond the water around us and the hilly edges of the Charlevoix region. Rain misted around us throughout the day and despite trying to sail a few times we ended up motoring most of the way. The marina in Cap a L’Aigle is small and peaceful, with steep tree-covered hills extending off into the mist and a waterfall rushing down into the basin. The air here is cool and crisp, bringing with it scents of the winter to come. It reminds me of ski trips in the mountains. It seems ironic that to escape into warmer climes for the winter we have ended up heading further north as the summer recedes into fall.

It’s also interesting that so far we have yet to meet anyone else following the same route to the Caribbean. Likely others left earlier in the season. Shortly after departing Quebec City the water in the river changed from fresh to salt, so today officially counts as our first experience sailing in salt waters! Over the coming days we will enter the Maritimes and have another “first” when we experience sailing in the ocean for the first time in our lives! Tomorrow we continue along the St. Lawrence to Tadoussac. We’re hoping for a nice clear day with favourable winds so that we can actually see the landscape around us…although the fog does add some mystery to the day.

Wish us luck,

Bonus! Just as I was about to post this, the sun peeked out for the first time today and presented us with a gift: a rainbow. Such a nice end to a day of travel!

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