Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

     Merry Christmas from the BVIs! It is absolutely lovely to have Jamie, Brooke and Granny H. onboard. They experienced their first snorkel session at "The Indians" yesterday and today we sailed up to Virgin Gorda and the boys had a short but sweet kiting session off the beach of the Bitter End Yacht Club. Though it doesn't feel entirely Christmas-y without the cold and the snow, it feels right to finally all be here together. Plus you can't ask for a more gorgeous place to spend the holidays!

Improvised wrapping paper!
Opening gifts
Swimming at Virgin Gorda
Brookie's usual "what?" gesture
Today's Kite Sherpa
Kite prepping
A stoked kiter
Happy Holidays to everyone reading!

Love, Nicole and crew. xo.

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