Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kiting Eustatia and Gorda Sounds

     This morning I met Scott, kiteboarding instructor at the Bitter End Yacht Club. He said it would be no problem using the Bitter End launch site. I have to say that Scott was incredibly friendly and helpful and I am sure that his kind of friendliness and later the same with Joe, the Head of Watersports at the Yacht Club has paid off with happy guests at the Yacht Club over the years. Of course we ended up spending money to reprovision the boat at the store at Bitter End and there will be more to come....

     It turns out that the month of November and the first half of December have had light winds. We all hope the Christmas winds of December are here to stay. Today was blowing about 20 knots and the forecast looks solid for the next 4 days. I had a morning session and an afternoon session that were awesome. It have never kited in water so blue and it's amazing to glide over the coral below, visible through crystal clear water. Our boat is anchored by the back end of the North arrow in the picture below. The launch is located at the Bitter End Yacht Club just above Saba Rock in the picture.

     I worked my way upwind and kited along the break from the barrier reef that encloses Eustatia Sound. You could ride big swell on the outside or flat water on the inside. I did a downwinder along the sand beaches of Eustatia Island, which I understand was purchased a few weeks ago by Larry Page (Google founder).

I kited past Saba Rock and through Gorda Sound where the boat is anchored. Totally Epic.

     At the end of each session I kited into Gorda Sound and landed into the dinghy near our anchored boat. It's actually a good way to keep sand off the kites. I can't wait to kite the next few days. There were only a handful of kiters out today. I understand that Sir Richard Branson's daughter is getting married on the weekend at Neckar Island and that the overflow of guests will be at the Bitter End. I hope that some kiters are on the guest list.


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