Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Close

     Sailed and motor sailed last night. Topped up the main fuel tank from the on-deck cans. Raftan has had some issues with their autopilot requiring hand steering for a period and a broken boom vang which for sailing holds the boom down but is also used to keep the boom up when the mainsail is down.

     I knew our streak of not breaking anything would come to a rapid end when Patrice asked me if we had had any gear failures to which I replied no. Later last night we had a strong smell of Diesel fuel coming from the engine compartment. After investigating where the smell was coming from we found a broken plastic screw in the Racor fuel filter. We have bypassed the Racor which should be ok has we have 3 in-line filters and the fuel we are using seems very clean. After bleeding the fuel system we are back up and running. Replacing the Racor will be a project for later.

     We are motor sailing right now but the wind is supposed to pick up later and hopefully we will be able to sail in the morning tomorrow.

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