Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Passage Update

     We left Bermuda around noon on Sunday and were met with 5-8 foot seas (largest waves at approx 15 feet) and a good deal of chop exiting the town cut. The waves ended up being quite long with an 8 second period so it feels like a big swell with a wind chop of a few feet on top from the 25 knot N-E winds. All in the boat were seasick over the first day except Terri who used one of the seasickness patches that Julie on Raftan generously donated. They really seem to work well.

     We were concerned about a tropical low forming just east of our track to the the BVI's and were advised to stay west so we headed over the 65 degrees west. The low has formed now so the unpredictability in the forecast has been reduced. We are on the I-65 heading due south. The winds have been very squally throughout the Virgin Islands and the area north over the past week. The squalls are more prevalent at night and all of a sudden it gets very dark, rainy and windy, but we handle them well.

     Today the wind is down to 15 knots from the E-S-E and the seas are much smaller. With the low forming it will now move rapidly to the N leaving behind much more settled weather in the BVI's. It looks like we may be motoring the last couple of days into the BVI's. So much for the trade winds!!

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