Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 2

     Hi Everyone, Nicole here. We are currently ahead of our plan and making good time. Over the first 24 hours Mom and Sarah felt seasick, but Sarah has gotten used to the motion and is now content and comfortable. Mom is having trouble getting used to it again but we are keeping her well fed and giving her lots of drinks and hope she will feel better in the coming days. Dad and myself have been feeling fine most of the way. The waves have been small and the winds hovering between 5 and 15 knots the whole way so we had a great Gulf Stream crossing.

     We exited the Gulf Stream at 4:15 this morning and are still making good time. The water warmed up to 21 degrees celsius and the winds are much warmer on this side of the Gulf Stream. Raftan is a few miles behind us and we have another boat from the Salty Dog Rally alongside, so there are things to look at other than the waves. Last night Dad had a flying fish land on the boat deck. He had to pick it up and chuck it back in the water. Yesterday Mom and I had dolphins dancing alongside our bow in the morning light. Our overnighters have been comfortable and lit by the moon.

     We are all ensuring we eat lots and take turns resting. Currently Sarah and I are taking watches together and alternating with Dad every three hours or so. Note to Jamie and Granny H- Dad just called home on the Satellite phone and left a is 1:08 pm Atlantic Standard Time for us. Hope everyone at home is well. We are enjoying the passage so far and hope to have decent winds continue over the next few days.

All our love,
Nicole and crew.
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