Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crab Pots of the Chesapeake

     Terri here. We just had to tell all about the numerous crab pots we have encountered on our journey since first spotting them in a small channel off the northern end of Halifax. Since then crab pot dodging has become a full time job!  Even while making the passages out in the Atlantic, whoa we had to watch out for these little bobbing floats.

Crab pot marker

     Now here in the Chesapeake pot dodging has become a daily task. Just when you think you have cleared from a field of the floating hazards and sit down to relax for a nice sail, BAM, there is a floating flag zooming past your starboard side and you scramble to get a lookout up on deck. Now it may not seem a big deal but if you snag one of these sneaky little hazards on your prop it could mean a line tangled around in a big mess.

Crab boat

     The hardest thing about spotting the pots is the fact that they are all different colors.   We have seen red,orange, yellow, black and blue with the consensus being that black is the hardest to spot. Trying to complete a tack while surrounded by them as well as trying to hoist the sails has meant we all must be on deck to lend a hand. No slackers here!
Another interesting Chesapeake lighthouse

     In amongst the crab pots are the meandering crab pot boats, or skipjacks, who skim around throughout the day checking to see if the pots need emptying. We are not clear on the schedule of putting pots down or retrieving crabs but these watermen sure are a hard working bunch. Hats off to those who make their living from the water!
Large fishing boats
Til later,

P.S. Nicole here: It's Mom's Birthday today! Happy Birthday to an amazing, brave and caring lady. We will celebrate with lots of pancakes and a cake at our anchorage in East River off Mobjack Bay!

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  1. Happy Birthday Terri! Hope you have a wonderful day! We are enjoying the latest pictures.
    David and Pat