Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farewell to the BVIs

     This morning we sailed for Road Town with the intention of getting a slip at a marina for the night to spend time provisioning and enjoying the laundry and shower facilities (these amenities have been non-existent over the past months and are now a special treat for us!). But it wasn't meant to be. Our plan quickly disintegrated when the marina staff told us over the radio that they have no space until after Easter! We didn't realize it would be so busy here at this time of year. There is an increased amount of charter boats sailing about, most of them American, and a large regatta going on this weekend, so the Sir Francis Drake Channel had over one hundred boats sailing on it today. It was quite the sight to see.

     We continued on into Road Harbour, which was very busy with boat traffic, and anchored just outside two marinas in rolly ocean swell. A substantial grocery trip and failed attempt at getting propane later (apparently the main gas station in Road Town isn't open on about "island time"!) we headed off for Soper's Hole. Now we are fully stocked with provisions, water and diesel and are planning to check out of customs tonight to leave for Mayaguana tomorrow. The weather forecast is telling us that in a few days there will be no wind at all, and over the next two days light winds and small seas, so we will take advantage of all the wind we can get and be content with motoring the rest of the way.

     Well, it's time to be off for somewhere new. We are all getting to the point where heading homeward feels right. So next time you hear from us we'll be in the Bahamas. In the meantime, here are some pictures from our second experience of the BVIs.

Wish us luck,

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