Sunday, January 1, 2012

From the North Sound to Anegada, and back again.

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Anegada beach
     Anegada is the only flat island in the BVI, making it the perfect place to find long stretches of white beach where you can walk for miles and never see a soul. Formed from coral and limestone the island has several low lying salt ponds and at its highest point is only about 28 feet above sea level. A line of white sails stretched in front of us lining our path to Anegada and as we approached the water lightened to a misty turquoise. We anchored on the leeward side of the island in an area that is about the only place you can anchor as corals lie off its shores and the north side is exposed to the open ocean. The anchorage proved to be rough and gave our visitors a taste of just how rocky and uncomfortable life on a boat can be. We were unlucky enough to drag our anchor around 5 am and had to reset it. Alas, not much rest was had that night.

     As the sun rose the next morning we moved around to the bay off Pomato Point where our only company was a large yacht further off the shore. Dragging the dinghy up on the sandy beach, Brooke, Jamie and I unloaded kiteboarding gear and rigged our kites, taking care to not step on the tiny burrs scattered among the scrubby weeds. The island reminded me of Cape Hatteras with its flat land, deserted beaches and lack of trees. Unfortunately Anegada didn't prove on par with Hatteras in the wind department. Brooke got up and kiting but soon lost his wind. I flew my kite for a few minutes with it falling out of the sky all the while. Jamie, however was successful and finally fulfilled his dream of kiting on the murky green waters off this scrubby island (and he did it with burrs stuck in his feet!). Although his session was brief, he won't soon forget the feeling of kiteboarding in such a beautiful and remote location. Our time in Anegada was short as we left that same day, but perhaps we'll return before leaving the BVI in late January. The north shore of the island is supposed to be worth a visit and I've read that Loblolly Bay has some of the best snorkeling in the BVI.

Jamie kiting at Anegada
     Now we're back in the North Sound, moored yet again behind Saba Rock. The last two days have been spent kiteboarding with Sarah and myself getting some time in, as well as Dad's friend Gary who is here on vacation and usually meets up with us in Cape Hatteras every year. An abundance of wind has brought many kiters into Eustatia Sound and provided some entertainment for resort-goers and boaters alike. Today one guy contributed to what we like to call the "clown show" (aka kiters doing sketchy things like landing kites in palm trees) by crashing his kite into the hut beside the beach at the Bitter End Resort. It proved an unpleasant surprise for the people lounging underneath the hut. Unfortunately, as much as we try to be safe and smart while kiting, when kiters crowd onto the beaches there are always a few clowns among the bunch making poor decisions and getting into bad situations. Luckily, this doesn't stop people who are passing by from being intrigued by the sport and taking interest in it.

     The time spent with Granny H. and Brooke onboard is flying by at a rapid rate and we all wish they could stay with us longer. To bring in the New Year tonight we plan to have dinner at Saba Rock then head over to the restaurant at Bitter End Yacht Club where bands usually play every night. Tomorrow we will sail to "The Baths" on Virgin Gorda and likely snorkel at Marina Cay and spend the night there. From Marina Cay the plan is to spend a night at Jost Van Dyke and visit the "bubbly pool." Finally, we'll travel back to Soper's Hole and sadly bid farewell to our visitors. Happily, though, we get to keep one of them, as Jamie has officially joined our crew for the remainder of our trip. He's not going to like this, but I will have to add a write-up for him to the "Crew" page on the blog! Stay tuned for that one.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!
Nicole. xo.

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