Monday, May 9, 2011

Launch Day, May 2, 2011

In preparation for launch this year we had many jobs to complete on the boat. Having the Caribbean trip in mind including the long offshore passages changes your perspective on which jobs need to be completed.

List of work completed:
-removal and inspection of all rod rigging; the 4 intermediate shrouds required re-heading with new fittings at the upper end of the shroud, new turnbuckles screws on all 8 shrouds
-re-assembly of mast and rigging including Harken furler; application of Lanacote on all end fittings
-remove 3 thru-hull fittings, remove coring, epoxy and bed with Sikaflex 291
-remove 4 cabin windows, get replacements made at Canus plastics, install with Sika primer and 295UV
-rebuild alternator, install alternator, get spare alternator and belt
-install new sacrificial zinc on prop shaft
-remove shaft coupler and shaft flange (removing the old rusted prop shaft coupler req'd 10 hours of work )
-remove stuffing box
-install PSS shaft seal size 1 1/4" shaft, 2 1/4" prop shaft tube
-install R&D Marine coupling and split flange
-replace masthead tricolor with new unit with LED bulbs
-install Gibb number 10 T-ball fitting on mast for inner forestay
-remove and install new gaskets in 3 hatches
-replace jib halyard
-replace spinnaker pole mast track lift line
-anti-foul bottom with Trilux II white
-measure for new lifelines, have new lifelines assembled-not installed yet
-reinforce all galley drawers
-get hydraulic boom vang rebuilt at Diottes Hydraulics

Here are some pictures of launch day which was chilly and rainy for most of the day.

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